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The Colorado Open Space Alliance is a statewide organization of publicly funded local and regional open space programs, working cooperatively to share information, create public awareness and foster partnerships needed to protect and preserve the special places of Colorado.

Annual Conference

The 2016 conference will in Estes Park at the Rock Mountain Park Inn, September 12-14.

This year's theme "Navigating Change" is a nod to the many variables our organizations wrestle with, including organizational change, climate change, and changing demographics, to name a few. Some insight and inspiration is sure to be forthcoming from our confirmed keynote speaker Luis Benitez, director of the new Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office.

More details will be available this summer. Join the COSA mailing list to receive updates.

Become A Sponsor

Sponsors help us keep the conference affordable and accessible to the broad range of public programs. Complete the Sponsor Application by May 30 to ensure your link is live when registration opens.

Request For Session Proposals

The COSA conference is a great opportunity to showcase your work by offering a session. The Session RFP is due May 12.

2015 Conference Sponsors

A huge thanks to all of our sponsors! Please show them your support.


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To subscribe simply send an email to: info@coloradoopenspace.org with your name, email address and why you would like to join the list.

To send a message to the COSA list, simply send an email to: list@coloradoopenspace.org.
Note: only members of the list can send and receive messages.

Legislative Updates

Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts - Updates at www.cclt.org on legislation regarding the use of conservation easements in Colorado.

Local Government Best Practices and Certification

The Holding Conservation Easements: A Local Government Best Practices Handbook is complete! The goal of this Handbook is to provide peer-reviewed guidance to local governments on the acceptance and stewardship of conservation easements whether the local government has an established program or is just exploring the idea of holding conservation easements. The working group presented the handbook at the 2009 COSA conference and took final comments and suggestions. Hard copies are available or you can view it online [pdf].

The Colorado Division of Real Estate has released the application for local government Certification. For questions about the certification process contact Jordan Beezley at jordan.beezley@dora.state.co.us. Local governments who want to accept conservation easements that have a tax credit component must become certified by December 31, 2010.

Leadership Program: Growing the Next Generation of Open Space Leaders

The program goal is to offer a leadership experience within the conservation community that will give participants a broader understanding of issues facing local government open space programs and the candidate's ability to be a future leader within those organizations. To learn more contact Zac Wiebe at zwiebe@larimer.org.