COSA Job Openings – Sr. Specialists on JCOS Natural Resources team

Dear COSA,

The JCOS Natural Resources team is pleased to announce that advertisements for our two Senior Specialist positions are now live on We are hiring a Plant Ecologist and a Wildlife Ecologist – the positions are advertised separately due to the different skills and experience required for each. Both positions will have key roles related to resource inventory and monitoring, developing and implementing conservation and management plans, engaging park visitors and volunteers, and advancing JCOS’s science-based land management framework.

The direct links to the position announcements are:

· Sr. Specialist (Plant Ecologist) –

· Sr. Specialist (Wildlife Ecologist) –

Please spread the word, and encourage qualified applicants to apply. The positions close on June 7th at 6:00 p.m.



Drew Rayburn

Natural Resources Supervisor

303.271.5986 | 303.910.7016 cell