COSA Blue Grama Awards

HI all – the Conference is just around the corner, so it’s time to once again celebrate the achievements of your peers and organizations.  The Blue Grama Awards are our annual way of congratulating the best within Colorado Open Space.  We offer four awards:

1) Outstanding Achievement by an Organization

2) Outstanding Achievement by an Individual

3) Outstanding Ecological Management Program

4) Outstanding Environmental Education or Outdoor Recreation Program

The top two awards are for agency and individual achievements that have statewide importance.  The second two should be significant accomplishments that can be replicated by other organization, show innovation and exceptional use of public funding.

I’ve attached the application form and a copy of the past winners.

Nominations are due end of day, Friday, August 18.  It really doesn’t take long to fill out the form.  Honor the great achievement of our fellow COSA members.

Questions – e-mail me at ljeanstrand.

See you in Breckenridge!

Linda Jean Strand

COSA Blue Gramas Nominations Guidelines 2017.pdf

Grama Winner Record 2016 Sheet1.pdf