COSA Issues with forwarding messages to the COSA list

Hey COSA people, this is just a note about what happens when you forward emails from other lists to the COSA group. Over the past few weeks, there have been several messages sent to the group that have caused some issues for the senders. Here’s what I mean…

Poor Charlie

Let’s say Charlie received an awesome email from another list he subscribes to. The email looks great and the content is applicable to the COSA group. Charlie doesn’t want to retype this info so he forwards it to the COSA list. But what Charlie didn’t know is that email he just sent has a special “unsubscribe link” that is specific to him. Now over 1,000 people have an email that was intended only for Charlie. And with over 1,000 people in the COSA group, chances are good that someone clicked that unsubscribe link. Now Charlie is unsubscribed from the original list and probably doesn’t even know it. Charlie can try to resubscribe, but some email list providers won’t allow him to because he subscribed and unsubscribed too many times. Poor Charlie.

What To Do

When possible, write a brand new email to the COSA group and do not forward emails you receive from other lists. But, if you really want to forward something you received from another list, please remove the unsubscribe link before sending.

Thanks everyone and HAPPY FRIDAY!!

Nik Brockman Web Administrator
Boulder County Parks & Open Space
5201 St Vrain Road, Longmont, CO 80503