COSA City of Boulder OSMP Tall Oatgrass Workshop Nov 29, 2:00-4:00pm MST

The City of Boulder would like to invite natural resource professionals to a web-based workshop on managing tall oatgrass. Tall oatgrass (Arrhenatherum elatius) is a cool-season perennial grass species native to Europe. It is used widely across the United States as part of cattle grazing and soil management efforts. Under most grazing scenarios, tall oatgrass is well controlled and maintained. However, the City of Boulder and other grasslands in the west have found that the cessation of disturbance from grazing and fire contributes to the expansion of tall oatgrass, where it can dominate prairie ecosystems. In the City of Boulder, tall oatgrass has invaded over 300 acres of tallgrass prairies, causing concern for a variety of resource management needs, such as wildlife habitat quality, prairie ecosystem conservation, and soil nutrient management. In an effort to share existing knowledge on tall oatgrass ecology and management, the City of Boulder is hosting a workshop for other land managers in Colorado and throughout the western United States to learn about their experiences monitoring and managing tall oatgrass and to establish a network of professionals to share resources, research, and expertise. If you are interested in attending, please contact Sabrina Kleinman from EnviroPlan Partners, LLC at skleinman to register and learn more.


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