COSA Rangers and Law Enforcement Programs

The City of Longmont, is requesting information regarding Ranger programs across the state. We’d like to know:

How many Rangers your organization employees?

Are they POST certified? Carry side arms?

Do you have a working arrangement with local law enforcement agencies and if so what is that arrangement?

How many acres do your Rangers patrol, of that how many are open to the public?

Do your rangers provide bicycle patrol throughout your trail system?

Do you have a volunteer Ranger patrol component?

What is your Ranger training budgets, either total or per officer

Are your Rangers involved in any type of interpretive programming?

If you had any recommendation regarding managing a Ranger program, what recommendation would that be?

The City of Longmont greatly appreciates your feedback and would be happy to share information and insights.

Thanks you!

Daniel Wolford, Land Program Administrator

City of Longmont / Public Works & Natural Resources

7 So. Sunset St., Longmont, CO. 80501

O: 303 774-4691 | C: 303 809-9752