COSA Job Posting for Southern Rockies Seed Network Program Director (due F eb 15)

Hello Fellow Conservationists,

The Southern Rockies Seed Network seeks a full-time director to guide the future of this regional program and to manage current projects. Established in 2014, the Southern Rockies Seed Network (SRSN) provides an exciting opportunity for professional growth and to work among a diverse range of federal, state, and local partners and industry representatives to create a sustainable solution to native plant materials development in the Southern Rockies Ecoregion. This position will oversee the plant materials collection program, manage all fundraising activities, assist with our ecological restoration training program, develop and expand our growers’ network, manage diverse mapping and data management needs, enhance and manage our marketing and outreach program, and manage the plant materials program coordinator in order to address goals and strategies outlined in the SRSN Operations Plan.

Please see the attached job description for full details, and to apply.

Organizational Background

Responding to an ever-increasing need for strategic and collaborative restoration planning, the Southern Rockies Seed Network became established as a 501(c)3 organization to fulfill our mission: “To preserve the genetic integrity of our native flora through collaborative planning for plant materials development.” The Southern Rockies Seed Network works to serve the High Plains, Northwestern Great Plains, and Southern Rockies ecoregions as a priority. Program activities include building and sustaining a regional grower’s network, plant materials collection and processing, planning annual partnership meetings, providing education, outreach, and training, fundraising, and facilitating the production of seeds and other plant materials for network partners.

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