Hello all,
We are hiring for a seasonal position this upcoming summer, based out of Fort Collins. Please see the attached posting for more detail!

In short, the Research Assistant will be responsible for:
Collecting vegetation, soil, and pollinator data and is responsible for quality assurance/quality control of data collected. Keeps exact, detailed records of experimental data. Provides data in an appropriate format for incorporation into computer spreadsheets. Enters data into computer spreadsheets and performs quality control on entered data. Makes and records observations of unusual happenings, phenomena or trends that might influence interpretation of plot or field data.

Managing fieldwork program semi-autonomously; takes responsibility for solving problems and adapting to current conditions and events without constant supervision.

Operating, maintaining, cleaning, repairing and constructing equipment used in plot and field experiments including, but not limited to, vehicles, field equipment, and on-site weather stations.

Ensuring that all safety and environmental concerns are addressed to provide a safe work environment, and that activities in support of research do not pose an environmental threat.

CRP Summer 2019 Job Posting – Final.pdf