COSA Seasonal Job Posting for an IPM and Conservation Technician in the Ci ty of Boulder, Colorado


The City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Natural Lands work group is hiring a six month seasonal position.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) & Conservation Technician

SALARY: $16 – $18 Hourly
POSITION DATES: On or around May 6, 2019 and lasting 6 months
WORK SCHEDULE: 40 hours/week; Hours vary – typically Monday through Fridays from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. May change to four, 10 hour shifts. Some Weekends; Overtime as needed.
Under general direction, performs a variety of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), wildlife management and maintenance tasks on natural lands. Performs related duties as assigned.
  • Works within a crew to maximize safety, project completion, team cohesion, and individual contribution
  • Removes noxious and invasive weeds by utilizing assorted mechanical methods (digging, hand pulling, whipping, tractor and mower operation, chainsaw, etc.) and by chemical control (backpack spraying, wicking, stump treatments etc.). May assist with biological control methods
  • Performs prairie dog management tasks including surveys, colony monitoring, mapping, installing and maintaining barriers, passive relocation, and potentially trapping and removal
  • Performs cultural IPM/restoration projects such as native tree/forb planting, watering duties, re-seeding, seed collection, mulching, mitigation work, and wildlife habitat enhancements
  • Performs trash receptacle removal and restroom maintenance duties
  • Assists with maintenance and construction of park infrastructure and trails, and installation of signs
  • Utilizes GPS technology to collect and update data in the field
  • Assists in volunteer, jail crew, youth crew, and community service projects, and assists with public environmental education and outreach programs
  • Maintains detailed records of work performed and resources used
  • Assists with research, monitoring, and data collection associated with various natural land management tasks (IPM, wildlife, etc.), performs data entry and provides information for annual reports
  • Performs various urban wildlife management tasks. Will assist with surveys such as early morning prairie dog counts, bird reporting, and evening frog surveys.
  • Prioritizes arising needs and solves operations related problems in the field
  • Operates and maintains equipment for safe and effective use. Clean and organize supplies, vehicles, equipment, and storage facilities
  • Operates a City vehicle; possibly four-wheel drive; possibly on rough terrain
  • Takes proper safety precautions, anticipates unsafe circumstances and acts accordingly to prevent accidents/injuries. Uses all proper safety equipment. Reports all accidents, injuries and damage to property
  • Responsible for knowing and complying with all City and department policies, participating in professional trainings and development and adhering to attendance and workplace policies
  • Other duties as assigned (such as trash/dumping removal, assisting in lite construction projects, etc.)

To apply please visit To find it the fastest, type IPM into the search and be sure you are applying for the seasonal Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Conservation Technician. Please spread this far and wide.

Thank you,

Joy Master

Natural Lands Program Coordinator

O: 303-413-7261


Boulder Parks & Recreation

3198 Broadway | Boulder, CO 80304