COSA We Need Your Engineering Design Projects

Do you have a water or environmental project or challenge for student teams at the Colorado School of Mines?

We are in need of two more projects that are engineering design-centric to start at the end of August.

Examples of recent projects include:

  • Pine Valley Ranch Drainage Project for JeffCo Open Space
  • South Boulder Creek Infrastructure/Design for Trout Unlimited
  • Aspirational Post-Harvest Technology for Rural Mozambique for iDE Mozambique
  • Geothermal Power Supply Sub-System for a private entity
  • Floyd Hill Groundwater Planning for the Floyd Hill HOA/Groundwater Committee

Our clients gain great insight, research, and designs or prototypes from the students on a problem/challenge that the client presents.

The student teams start on new projects each August and January, and we have a few openings for projects this fall for organizations interested in working with a team of engineers for either a full year or a single semester. There is no cost for government organizations and departments, and non-profits are charged a $500 fee for a senior design team.

For Capstone (Senior Design) here is our Sponsor web page for our fall program and for our Cornerstone (Sophomore and Junior) design courses, here is our client page to learn more about becoming a client.

Thank you for passing this along to anyone who may be interested.

Monica Kurtz
Stakeholder Relations Manager, EDS

303-384-2483 | mkurtz