COSA GeoEx at Front Range Community College


FRCC, GIS students are looking for projects. If you have a GIS project that needs doing let us know and we can see if our students can help you with it.

What is GeoEx?

The Geospatial Experience Center (GeoEx) at Front Range Community College was created to give students the opportunity to take on GIS projects and gain experience to prepare them for the workforce. GeoEx is funded by a National Science Foundation (NSF), Advanced Technological Education (ATE) grant.

GeoEx can take on various project types, from digitizing to lidar analysis. Projects GeoEx can take are only limited by the experience of our students and their availability. Projects can be completed at your location, the students’ home, or at school.

For all projects GeoEx will ensure students can use their experience to further their careers. Students must be able to use what they work on with you in their portfolio. If sensitive data is involved, the student can create mock data to represent the original.

What makes a good project?

A project should include objectives, milestones and completion criteria for the student. Projects that can be completed within a semester and focus on a single deliverable are desirable. Some good project examples are: creating a survey in Survey 123, creating a story map, building a GIS workshop, GIS lesson, or creating a map based on independent research or provided data. Most of our students are skill levels 0 -3, so digitizing, data entry and cartography are great projects for our students. If your project is strictly data entry, or the like, we suggest having the student complete a set number of hours on the project with flexible weekly hour requirements. Flexibility for working hours is important, many of our students are already working and have limited availability.

How do I get involved?

To initiate a project with GeoEx fill out the project ownergoogle form. This information will be used to create a summary of your project, which will be sent to suitable candidate students. Once a student is selected for your project, you will discuss the project with them and together fill out a Statement of Work (SoW) to define the project responsibilities and expectations. GeoEx must get a copy of the SoW for their records before the project starts. GeoEx also requires students to send periodic updates on their progress and time spent on the project. At project completion, GeoEx will send out a survey for how the project went so we can learn how to improve for the future.

Want more information?

If you would like to ensure your project is a good fit for our students, become involved in FRCC activities, or have other questions email GeoEx at skye.lewis or call (303) 678-3640.