COSA Jeffco Open Space Job Posting – Natural Resources Supervisor

As the Natural Resources Supervisor you will plan, organize, and supervise the professional management and stewardship of natural resources on Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS) properties. You will assign, coordinate, and direct all Natural Resources Management activities and programs, including forest management, prescribed fire, ecological restoration, weed and pest management, and wildlife management. You will collaborate with others to develop approaches that promote best practices in natural resource management, and which achieve organizational objectives.

Essential Duties:

As a collaborative leader and the Supervisor for Natural Resources you will,

  • Oversee land and water management activities, mapping and classification of plant communities and habitats, implementation of baseline ecological inventories and monitoring
  • Assign, train, direct and supervise the natural resource management activities of staff, consultants and contractors.
  • Formulate policies, procedures, plans, standards for existing and new natural resources management programs.
  • Develop annual work plans, goals, objectives, schedules and budgets for the Natural Resources Team.
  • Develop and assess short and long-term management strategies for the county’s open space parks and stewardship programs.
  • Collaborate with federal, state and local agencies, county departments, external organizations, and volunteers to develop projects, grant proposals, and implement plans and policies related to natural resource management.

For more information or to apply for the job, please visit JCOS Natural Resources Supervisor