COSA IN NEED | Used Spray Equipment

Afternoon COSA friends –

I hope everyone is doing well. Greeley’s Natural Areas & Trails division is working to ramp up our weed management program. As such, we are in the market for a variety of spray equipment. Before purchasing new equipment, I wanted in cast a wide net in hopes that there may be an open space program our there looking to upgrade their herbicide spraying equipment and there might be a win/win for us to take it off your hands. We are open to truck-mounted, UTV or ATV-mounted, skid-mounted, and backpack sprayers.

If you have something that we might be able to work out, please reach out!



Justin Scharton


Culture, Parks & Recreation Dept | Natural Areas & Trails Division

321 N 16th Ave | Greeley, CO 80631

O: 970.350.9412 | C: 970.590.1705