COSA public awareness: open spaces and “things to keep in mind”

Hello COSA members,

This is Linda Lidov from the nonprofit Keep It Colorado – if you’re not familiar with us, we’re a statewide coalition of conservation partners including land trusts, open space agencies and conservation professionals working to conserve private and public lands. We’ve launched a public awareness campaign designed to support our open space agency members, and wanted to share it out with this larger group in hopes that you’d like to get involved.

The campaign is called #KeepItInMind – it urges people to keep a few things in mind as they head outside, and to help spread messages about protecting Colorado’s open spaces and each other. We created it in response to the significant damage to and overuse of our open spaces the past couple of months – particularly as the numbers of visitors have spiked in timing with COVID-19 and an increased desire to spend time outside. We understand that damage to trails (graffiti, erosion) is permanent in some cases, and that many users are not respecting prescribed social distancing guidelines; many open spaces are at risk of shutting down if things don’t improve.

Although Keep It Colorado’s channels are small (but growing!), our coalition is working to spread educational messages about the norms of the trail, and potentially reach some of the “newer” populations of users about trail etiquette and stewardship of our beautiful open spaces. Many open space and state agencies have educational campaigns of their own in this regard. Hopefully, with these continued and combined efforts, our collective messages about respecting nature and our outdoor places will reach the people who need to hear it most.

We’ve created a social media toolkit that contains suggested messages and graphics. If your agency is willing and has the bandwidth, we’d love your help sharing them on your channels throughout the rest of this month and July. You can also follow our campaign on our Facebook and Instagram pages. If it doesn’t make sense right now for your agency to share our campaign materials, feel free to “like” our posts and share them on your personal pages if you feel so compelled.

Download our social media toolkit and all of the #keepitinmind graphics at .

Thank you so much for your collaboration,


Linda Lidov

Director of Membership and Communications

Keep It Colorado

C: 303-358-6279


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