COSA Teams of Mines Engineering Students Need Projects

Our students work on real world projects each semester and we are looking for 12 more projects and clients to work with students this fall. Please submit projects by July 31.

Our sophomore and junior Engineering Design class works on challenges for a single semester and we are seeking projects and clients. The students work in all disciplines: environmental and civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, materials, engineering physics, and math. If you have a project that is suitable for a single semester, here is a video explaining the Design@Mines approach and a link to the Cornerstone project webpage with a link to a very short form to submit a project idea.

Also, our first year students recently tackled on a challenge titled "Animal Kingdom Turf Wars: Exploring Wild Animal – Human Interfaces" and you can see the results of their ideas here

I will be out of the office next week, but can answer any questions next week.

Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend!

Monica Kurtz
Stakeholder Relations Manager, EDS

303-384-2483 | mkurtz