COSA Beaver Relocation

Looking for a Place to Stay: I am a fuzzy, buck toothed, highly skilled individual looking for a new place to stay. My skills include holding my breath for 15 minutes, swimming, and the ability to stay up all night to be the night watchman! Due to my high level of carpentry skills I can redecorate the entire space while also helping any of those suffering from dendrophobia! Lastly, I can make a great party space that will bring tons of other fun “animals” to the new and improved place that I will create at our shared home.

We are looking to relocate beavers from the City of Lakewood to a suitable habitat here in Colorado. We are currently over our carrying capacity for the beaver population in our open space and are looking for options other than euthanasia. We are reaching out to COSA to hopefully reach someone who has the ability to take in beavers. This would mean that said location would have to pass suitable criteria for the beaver to be relocated (i.e. vegetation, adequate space, and room to move up and down stream). If you are interested, or know someone that might be interested, please contact me.

Lee Blair

Natural Resource Specialist

Bear Creek Lake Park/Open Space


15600 W Morrison Rd.