COSA CoNPS Revegetation Design Webinar Oct 17th

CoNPS Webinar – Revegetation Design: Plants, Soil, Mulch, and Fire
Saturday, October 17, 2020; 9:00 am – 12:00 noon
Presenter: John Giordanengo, MS, CERP

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This webinar will cover revegetation techniques from a systems approach. Specific topics presented include:

  • SEEDS: Seed collection basics, identification of remnant ecotypic plant populations, and the pros & cons of dormancy in a restoration setting.
  • REVEGETATION STRATEGIES: The ins and outs of developing seed mixes, plant palettes, and integrated revegetation designs. Design for moisture gradients, including the identification of a hydrologic point of reference. The influence of restoration goals, budget, and other factors that drive revegetation designs as much as site conditions.
  • SOIL AMENDMENTS & MULCH: No revegetation design shall occur without thinking soils & mulch. The driving factors for integrating mulch, soil amendments, and revegetaton design will be covered.
  • POST-FIRE RESTORATION STRATEGIES: Case studies and research results following the 2012 High Park fire. Integrating lessons learned into future post-fire restoration designs.

This webinar is designed for those with a beginning to intermediate knowledge of revegetation/restoration techniques and strategies.

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