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Hoping some of you may be interested in sharing the messaging/content about backcountry winter safety! COSA is a Stewardship Partner in the Care for Colorado Coalition which is an initiative dedicated to educating both visitors and residents on the importance of protecting Colorado’s resources. Thanks. Barb Bowman

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While we have long known that Colorado lives life outside, the recent pandemic has brought to the forefront how important it is for Coloradans to enjoy our natural resources and embrace an outdoor lifestyle.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) field staff and our local, state and federal outdoor partners have reported a dramatic increase in visitation at outdoor spaces across the state throughout the year. While it is our mission to encourage people to spend time outdoors for the mental and physical health benefits outdoor activities provide, we want to educate Coloradans and out-of-state visitors that winter sports require more safety precautions and equipment to ensure a safe outdoor experience. For example, first-time visitors to the backcountry are encouraged to complete safety training and hire a certified guide if they do not possess the skills to safely explore the backcountry.

In recognition of the need for all of us to protect ourselves and our state’s natural resources while spending time enjoying them, Governor Polis has proclaimed “Colorado Backcountry Winter Safety Awareness Week” Dec. 7-13. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is asking our partners to help promote the Colorado Backcountry Winter Safety Awareness campaign that educates people on how to get out in front of backcountry danger.

Throughout the week, CPW is partnering with state, federal and local outdoor agencies to promote key backcountry safety messages that follow – know before you go, recreate responsibly, and Care for Colorado- Leave No Trace principles.

  • Day 1- Choose Your Destination Wisely

  • Day 2- Avoid Activities Beyond Your Skill Level

  • Day 3 – Trash the Trash

  • Day 4 – Check Avalanche Forecasts and Danger Ratings

  • Day 5 – Bring Proper Safety Equipment

  • Day 6 – Keep Wildlife Wild

  • Day 7 – Take the Colorado Backcountry Winter Safety Pledge

As our state offers unparalleled outdoor experiences all year long, our need to educate people on how they can recreate responsibly and care for our lands, waters and wildlife in every season is an important ongoing effort to support.

Campaign partners created aPartner Outreach Toolkit that includes the campaign key messages and guidelines on how to participate in the campaign, along with social media captions and graphics for your consideration to help promote.

Your participation in sharing these important backcountry winter safety messages to your audiences can help protect our outdoor community and minimize the impact on our natural resources, wildlife populations, and search and rescue teams this winter season.

Please let me know if you have any questions or want to discuss the campaign further. Thank you for your consideration!

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