COSA Job Opening: Western Forests is now hiring for a new Tree


Western Forests is pleased to announce that we are hiring for a new Tree. The selected candidate will be stationed in a recently burned area, located between 8000-9000 ft. elevation on a south-facing slope for 100-300 years. Potential for contract extension, contingent upon future disturbances. This position is classified as full-time permanent, with open air lodging provided.

Note: Western Forests is a treequal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on age, religion, species, orientation, nor candidate’s past or present slope, aspect, elevation, seed dispersal strategies, previous disturbance history, or angio vs. gymnosperm status. Our mission is to promote a resilient and diverse forest capable of thriving in a novel climate.


  • motivated and independent worker, capable of performing assigned duties with minimal supervision
  • able to stand still for extremely long periods of time
  • knowledge of local flora, fauna and disturbance regimes
  • established root structure
  • willingness to work and live in adverse weather conditions, including on steep and uneven terrain
  • proven skill with conducting photosynthesis, even during overcast periods
  • experience with provision of relevant ecosystem services, including carbon sequestration, oxygen production, etc.


  • experience developing mycorrhizal networks with multiple species
  • in depth understanding of challenges to forests posed by climate change
  • proven communication skills, especially with dispersing information to other forest residents and stakeholders on topics ranging from projected climate change scenarios, altered disturbance regimes, increased development in the wildland-urban interface, and expected range migration information
  • drought tolerant
  • experience with regular seed production or clonal propagation. mast years OK.
  • certified (or able to attain certification) for Type 2 Wildland Fire Resistance
  • willing to host occasional insect, bird and mammal species
  • serotiny or re-sprouting capabilities, or willingness to learn
  • shady


While previous experience in this role is preferred, we are willing to train the right candidate for this position. If you feel that you would be well suited to work as a Tree with Western Forests, please combine the following into a single .pdf document, and send to wehiretrees

  • cover letter detailing your interest and qualifications with regards to the position (1 page, single spaced, 12 pt. font)
  • an original short poem, song or drawing about your experience with trees or as a tree
  • resume/CV