COSA Southwest Conservation Corps Staff Openings

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The Four Corners office of Southwest Conservation Corps is excited to announce the opening of two staff positions! We are looking to hire a Forest Health Partnerships Program Manager and a Watershed Programs Manager. Both of these positions would be located at our Durango, CO office. Please visit to view the full descriptions of each as well as the application instructions. There is a brief summary of each position below as well.

Forest Health Partnerships Program Manager (Priority review given to applications received by February 26, 2021)

Starting Salary: Grade C+, starting salary range $45-56K annually, DOE

Location: Durango, CO

Status: Full-Time, Exempt

Benefit Eligible: Full per Personnel Policies

The grant funded Forest Health Partnerships Program Manager (FHPPM) position has two primary responsibilities: 1.) coordinate and oversee the American Forest Foundation (AFF) funded Forest Management Plans program and 2.) to connect and collaborate with SW Colorado Forest Health Partnerships to identify and create SCC AmeriCorps programming to meet existing and emerging workforce capacity needs as these partnerships push into implementation phases. Funding is currently expected for 2 years for this position, which will likely evolve as related forest health and restoration work scales up in SW Colorado.

Specifically, for responsibility number 1, the FHPPM will stand up a new program funded by AFF & NRCS. This will involve coordinating landowner outreach efforts with American Forest Foundation, Wildfire Adapted Partnership, the CO State Forest Service, NRCS and other area forest health partners; helping to select, orient, train and support a cadre of interns who will be visiting with landowners to create Forest Management Plans (FMPs); contracting with and coordinating FMPs with consulting foresters.

Responsibility number 2 will require engagement with the numerous forest health partnerships in SW Colorado and collaboration with key staff from those partnerships and with the land agencies who are engaging on these efforts (US Forest Service, CO State Forest Service, NRCS, BLM, NPS, municipal managers, etc.). The main goal is to be informed enough on emerging forest health treatment implementation trends and needs to help position SCC programming to meet workforce capacity demands that align with SCC’s mission and ability to develop capacities.

Watershed Programs Manager (Priority review given to applications received by March 5, 2021)

Starting Salary: Grade C+, starting salary range $45-56K annually, DOE

Location: SCC Four Corners – Durango, CO

Status: Full-Time, Exempt

Benefit Eligible: Full, per Personnel Policies

The Watershed Programs Manager (WPM) position supports initiatives local watershed restoration groups, co-coordinates the Dolores River Restoration Partnership (DRRP) along with staff from RiversEdge West, and manages small teams that work on restoration and invasive species projects.

The WPM is responsible for the coordination and management of DRRP activities, small team programs, and operations run out of SCC’s Four Corner’s Office that support watershed restoration. The WPM’s primary DRRP responsibilities involve implementation planning including strike team, corps crew, and volunteer projects; fundraising, budget management, and grant reporting; rapid monitoring program management; and partnership outreach. The WPM also oversees operational support of small teams that work with the DRRP and other watershed restoration groups, participates in crew leader and member orientations and trainings, fundraises for watershed restoration work that supports SCC programming, manages the SCC herbicide program, provides GIS support within SCC, and ensures small team crews are both supported and prepared to maintain safety, program integrity, and quality projects in the field by providing pre-field and in-field guidance.

Please reach out with any questions you may have!

Morgan Brandenburg


Recruitment, Outreach, and Communications Manager

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