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Greetings COSA Members,

Given the significant increase in recreational use of Colorado’s public lands over the past twelve months due to COVID, many in the land management community have been challenged by the influx of visitors. A number of these visitors may be new to the outdoors, and novel solutions may be necessary to meet current recreational demands and address the associated impacts. As such, we are asking you to participate in a brief survey to share your opinions and insights.

This survey is intended for land managers, non-governmental organizations, recreation providers, and key stakeholders who are interested in and/or currently implementing locally-tailored and contemporary solutions to address current and emerging outdoor recreation-related impacts (e.g. camping impacts, wildlife impacts, pollution of water sources, trail erosion, overuse, parking issues, user conflict, etc.) found on Colorado’s public lands.

The data will help gain a broader understanding of outdoor recreation-related resource impacts throughout Colorado, explore the effectiveness of visitor education and outreach efforts, examine specific visitor management techniques, and identify opportunities for more effective visitor engagement and resource protection.

To participate, please visit: Colorado Land Manager Survey

Your participation is voluntary and your responses are anonymous and confidential. You can stop at any time. This survey will take approximately 9 minutes to complete.

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For information or questions about this survey, please contact Ben Lawhon, Director of Education and Research, Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics: Ben

Lastly, we will be sharing the results broadly once the data collection and analysis are complete.

Thank you for your participation!

Ben Lawhon, MS | Director of Education and Research

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