COSA Colorado Parks & Wildlife Hiring Seasonal Positions!

Good Morning,

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is hiring two seasonal positions within our Education, Partnerships and Volunteers program.

One position is part of our community outreach and engagement program for the Wildlife Council. The role of the Outreach Team is to engage with our target audience, in person or virtually, where they are. Including but not limited to outdoor events, breweries, sporting events, farmers markets, outdoor venues, downtown venues, ski areas, and outdoor groups.

The second position is for our Angling and Hunting Outreach program. This position will coordinate, schedule and lead fishing/hunting clinics, seminars and other programs around the Denver Metro area.

To learn more about the positions and how to apply please see the PDF job postings attached to this email.

All the best,

CPW Statewide Outreach Assistant 3.16.21.pdf
CWC Outreach Team 3.18.21.pdf