COSA Solutions for Trailhead Parking and Overcrowding

Dear COSA Members,

The Summit County Open Space and Trails Department is seeking solutions to the ever-growing trailhead capacity and parking issues here in Summit County, CO. The demand for outdoor recreation opportunities has increased dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic and we predict that this demand will continue to grow in our community. This is a complex issue without a simple solution. To date, we have engaged in a messaging effort around winter recreation through our webpage, social media, and printed informational flyers at local outdoor retailers and are beginning an effort to standardize parking signage at our trailheads. We are interested in learning about strategies and methods that have been implemented by our colleagues throughout the state to help manage trailhead capacity and illegal parking. If any of the members of this group have creative solutions or management strategies that have been effective at your trailheads or parking areas, we would appreciate if you would share these with us. Please respond via email to Jordan.mead or give me a call at (218) 491-0152 to discuss. Thank you for your time and be well.


Jordan Mead

Resource Specialist

Summit County Open Spaces and Trails

PO Box 5660/ Frisco, CO 80443

O: (970) 668-4065

C: (218) 491-0152


Note: Due to COVID-19 social distancing measures, the OST staff is working remotely. Please call me on my cell phone for immediate assistance.