Mark, Andrew, and Faith,

I just had a great call with Toby Bloom from the USFS in DC regarding how the Forest Service works with state tourism offices and state OREC offices. I provided the high-level overview of our tourism efforts, as well as our Every Park (specifically Gold Standard designations) efforts. Toby explained that most national forests work with state tourism offices at a state level rather than from the Washington Office. Additionally, Toby indicated that a portion of her work involves working directly with state OREC offices.

At this point I’d like to connect you all in hopes that you can schedule a call soon to discuss in more specific detail how we can better work together on the tourism front. She is specifically interested in recent conversations we’ve had with other federal agency tourism leads (e.g. BLM).

Toby Bloom (she/her/hers)
National Program Manager

Travel, Tourism, and Interpretation

Forest Service

Recreation, Heritage and Volunteer Resources

FS Interpretive Services Hub

p: 240-330-2260

(phasing in) toby.bloom

(phasing out) tobylbloom

201 14th Street, SW, MS 1125
Washington, DC 20250

I’ll let you all take it from here.


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