COSA Colorado School of Mines Seeks Projects for Student Teams

Each semester, Mines students go beyond the textbook to solve open-ended, experiential design problems sponsored by industry, community, non-profit, government and organizations. Our students work on different types of open-ended design challenge projects, including:

Product development (prototype build)
Process improvements (system, materials, traffic)
Plan conceptualization (reclamation, sites, buildings)

If you or someone you know has a project idea, please visit our website where all potential clients can review the requirements and take the first steps toward submitting their projects. We are especially in need of projects for Mechanical Engineering students.

The deadline for Capstone Senior Design projects is July 1 and August 1 for Cornerstone.

Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend!

Monica Kurtz
Stakeholder Relations Manager, EDS

303-384-2483 | mkurtz

We need design projects for student teams! Teams start on new projects every semester. We are currently recruiting projects to start in August, 2021. Learn more here.