COSA Native Plant Master Courses

Hello COSA Community!

While the Jefferson County CSU Cooperative Extension program contracted significantly during COVID, a few Native Plant Master courses ARE still available for you, to become familiar with the native plants of the Front Range or to work towards your NPM Certification.

The Wetland/Riparian Plants 3-session course starts July 27, and there is a one-day intro class on 8/5 at South Platte Park in Littleton. These classes have always been full with waitlists every year, so we wanted to get the link out there . The classes have been popular for front-line interpreters, resource managers responsible for wetland and riparian corridors, and consultants doing wetland delineations with staff new to the area. The one-day class will give you a hand-shake introduction to a number of native and invasive wetland plants, while the three-day course will be a deeper dive into botanical structures, keying sedges and rushes, differentiating the local willows and cottonwoods, and discussing wetland succession, restoration, and management while visiting both natural and created mitigation wetlands.

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