COSA Urban Prairies Project Training: Become a Restoration Master Voluntee r

– Training opportunity for the Denver Metro and Front Range areas –
Urban Prairies Project trains a cadre of committed open space volunteers to assist with leading habitat restoration project days, collect data about plants and wildlife on Colorado Open Space sites, and engage the public with information about their local open spaces through presentations or publications.
Via training in restoration techniques, native ecosystems, crew leadership, interpretation, and more, Restoration Master Volunteers become key ambassadors between local open spaces and their communities, and extend the impact of habitat restoration to a wide audience!
Volunteers become members of a passionate and well-educated community of stewards, and have the choice to participate in hands-on restoration, data collection, data analysis, community engagement, educational outreach, or a little bit of everything!
No experience required.

Fall session starts on Sunday, September 12th.
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Please contact habitat for more information!