COSA One Community Summit October 18th – 21st

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The Summit is a staff training for local governments & non-profit organizations to better serve their communities.

About this event

100% Virtual & cost-free for participants (cost is funded by our sponsors)

A week long series of virtual presentations and speakers for local government and non-profit employees who want to learn ideas on how to better serve our increasingly diverse communities. The goal of the One Community Summit is to emphasize the value of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in our communities.

Participants will gain from this event:

  • Connection and collaboration
  • Learning and cultivating new skills and tools
  • Exposure to new resources and supports
  • Courage to move from awareness to action

Cost: This event is paid for by contributing partners.

Registration will stay open through the week, October 22.


Mathew Martinez

Volunteer Services Specialist

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