COSA Colorado Crew Leader and Crew Leader in Development

Southwest Conservation Corps Los Valles is excited to announce the opening of their Adult Conservation Crew Leader and Adult Crew Leader in Development Program applications! Multiple positions are open for each until filled.

Adult Conservation Crew Leader

Locations: Salida, CO or Alamosa, CO

Status: Seasonal, Full-time, Exempt

Start/end date: March 28, 2022 – late October, weather permitting 

Wages: $685-735 / week dependent upon experience

Benefits: 10 days of Paid Time Off (PTO): 1 paid week off in May between leader season and summer member season and 1 paid week off in August between summer member season and summer fall season, plus 4 additional days of flexible PTO. Medical benefits option available. Food provided while in the field, uniforms, USFS-recognized S-212 Chainsaw training, Cross-cut training, Restorative Justice Training, Trauma-Informed Care Training, QPR training, & other development opportunities

The Adult Program Crew Leader at SCC Los Valles is responsible for overseeing a crew of 8: crews consist of 6 members, 1 Crew Leader in Development (CLDP), and the crew leader. Crews work in front and backcountry locations in all weather conditions. Standard schedule consists of 8 days on-hitch and 6 days off with some exception. On-hitch, crews camps together, prepare all meals together, and work together as a group to complete all projects and chores. SCC does not provide accommodations off-hitch and Crew Leaders will be responsible for their own accommodations during that time. Crew Leaders will lead crews in completing technical conservation projects while instilling interpersonal skills and leadership skills. Crew leaders will also be responsible for leading crews in environmental stewardship, risk management, trauma-informed care, and restorative justice.

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Adult Crew Leader in Development Program (CLDP)

Location: Salida, CO or Alamosa, CO

Status: Seasonal, Full-time, Exempt  

Start/end date: March 28th, 2022 – Late October 2022

Living Stipend: $500 / week

Benefits: 2 weeks of paid time off: 1 week between Spring Leader Training season and Summer Member season, 1 week between summer member season and fall member season. $4,546 AmeriCorps Education Award (Value may change depending on term of service), Food provided while in the field, uniforms, USFS recognized Chainsaw & Crosscut certification, Trauma-Informed-Care Training, Wilderness First Responder & CPR/AED certification, Trauma-Informed Care Training, Restorative Justice Training, QPR suicide prevention training.

The AmeriCorps CLDP is a two-phase program. Basic program structure will include:  

  • 1st phase: 8 weeks of training with experienced SCC crew leaders and staff. Trainings will include: Introduction to: SCC mission, policies, and procedures, restorative justice, trauma informed care, risk management, managing crew dynamics, front and backcountry living, Leave No Trace, USFS recognized Chainsaw and Crosscut training, technical trail skills, project management, partner relations, logistics, and Wilderness Medicine (WFR). Schedule during Crew Leader Training may vary.
  • 2nd phase: Co-leading adult conservation crews. While co-leading, CLDP members will be responsible for project management, as well as the care and wellbeing of an 8-person crew, completing conservation projects on public lands, such as trail restoration, native planting, disaster deployment, habitat rehabilitation or fencing, invasive species removal, chainsaw, or various public recreational facility improvements. Leaders in Development are responsible for the physical and emotional well-being of the crew.

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