COSA Park Ranger: City of Aurora Job Posting

Happy December All,

The City of Aurora is excited to announce that we are increasing the size of our full-time Park Ranger staff. We are recruiting for several new full-time Park Ranger positions!

The City of Aurora Parks Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Park Rangers are front-line, customer-focused employees that provide for public safety, rule and regulation enforcement, natural resource management and community outreach. Typical duties include active patrols of properties, education of visitors to ensure compliance of rules and regulations, conflict resolution, and response to dispatch or calls to provide life safety. The PROS department includes sites, facilities, and amenities within 8,000 acres of open space and over 100 developed parks, over 100 miles of trails and 2 water supply reservoirs (Aurora and Quincy).

We hope you will consider this exciting opportunity to join our park ranger team!

For more information and to apply: City of Aurora Park Ranger

Have a Happy Holidays,

Chelsea Wilson

Park Ranger II

Open Space and Natural Resources | City of Aurora

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