COSA Executive Administrator for CO State Land Board


The Colorado State Land Board is looking for an Executive Administrator/Office Manager. Watch our 2-minute recruitment video to get application tips!

OPENING DATE: 03/11/2022

CLOSING DATE: 03/25/2022 05:00 PM

Do your colleagues marvel at your sensational organizational skills? Do you have a knack for moving groups around the state and red carpet treatment? How would you like to use those skills to make a difference in the lives of Colorado schoolchildren?

We want you – please apply!

The Colorado State Land Board is looking for an Executive Administrator & Officer Manager to coordinate our monthly board meetings and maintain our office functions. This is a position we count on to make our agency run smoothly.

What is the State Land Board?

The State Land Board is a constitutionally created agency led by five Governor-appointed Commissioners who serve voluntarily and who are supported by agency Staff. We manage a $4 billion endowment of assets for the intergenerational benefit of Colorado’s K-12 schoolchildren and public institutions. The agency is the second-largest landowner in Colorado and generates revenue on behalf of beneficiaries by leasing nearly three million surface acres and four million subsurface acres for assorted purposes, including agriculture. We have only 45 employees who work in seven offices across the state.

The Job Opportunity

This isn’t your typical government job.

As Executive Administrator & Office Manager, your work will be vital to helping our Governor-appointed volunteer Board of Commissioners meet our mission: to generate reasonable and consistent income and to protect and enhance the value of the trust lands for future generations.

You’ll be part of the Transactions and Records Management team. As their name suggests, this team is responsible for efficiently and effectively processing our agency’s records — and we maintain 7,000+ contracts with more than 4,000 customers in more than a dozen business lines. Phew!

NOTE: this position requires in-office hours.

  1. In coordination with the Agency Director, serve as the primary point of contact for our five, Governor-appointed Commissioners.

  • With discretion and professionalism, work often and directly with the Agency Director and the Commissioners.

  • Review, edit, collate, and publish the Commissioners’ monthly Board packet materials, which are published digitally and publicly one week prior to each meeting. The packet can be 150+ pages with more than a dozen Staff authors contributing text. (Pro applicant tip #1: review previous packets online at

  • Facilitate monthly Commissioner meetings from soup to nuts. Your goal is to proactively help the meeting run smoothly. Meetings range from a half-day in our office to three-day traveling trips. They are open to the public and can have 12 to 50+ people in attendance. They can be entirely virtual, entirely in-person, or hybrid. (Pro applicant tip #2: describe to us your proficiency at hosting virtual meetings.)

2) Be the officer manager extraordinaire.

  • You’re responsible for daily activities that support an efficient, effective, and orderly central office. We need you to proactively develop and promote agency-wide procedures for all office administration tasks and inventories, which include the vehicle fleet, computer hardware and software, and physical and digital data systems.

  • Check-in regularly with six district offices. A perk of this job is getting to interact with nearly everyone at our agency (and we think the people who work here are pretty great!). The position communicates and collaborates with program managers, SLB staff, six district offices, and other state offices.

  • Take care of office administration duties, such as agency-wide document templates and directories, the emergency disaster plan, the greening government plan, office supplies, maintenance and technology support coordination, etc.

  • Take care of some unglamorous yet greatly appreciated office tasks, such as ensuring the copier has paper or keeping the kitchen tidy.

3) Be the front gate digitizer, and assist with customer records data management.

  • Be professional and friendly as you serve as the initial point of contact for many customers and the public. This may occur in-person, digitally, or by phone.

  • We strive to digitize correspondence, even if we initially receive it by paper. You’ll scan and upload paper mail to our online database or pass it along digitally to other parts of the organization. As a digital office, mail conversion becomes critical.

  • Work daily in our online database, called ATLAS, which is a Netsuite platform. You’ll be in the system updating or uploading records regularly. (Pro tip #3: Tell us about your data entry skills!)

4) Provide administrative support to the communications officer. Edit marketing publications, coordinate print production, assist with google-based document sharing on the website, and more.

5) Be a jack of all trades, aka ‘other duties as assigned.’ No job description would be complete without this ubiquitous line, right? Your workspace is located at the front desk. While we pride ourselves on being a team of competent people, your role helps the whole Staff on an ad hoc basis when we don’t know where else to turn. Don’t be surprised to help someone fix a grammatical error, forward a call from a state legislator, or book a trip to rural Colorado … all on the same day.

What can you expect from us in return for your hard work?

We are a lean team of 45 staff members that places significant emphasis on promoting and maintaining a positive work environment. We get our work done, and we have fun doing it. The qualities of our environment include transparent and open communication, work-life balance (we mean it), and a focus on training and development. You’ll regularly explore and travel our state on day trips or multi-day trips: be prepared for a few nights away from home during traveling board meetings. As a state employee, you have access to a suite of HR benefits and holidays, including professional development funds and tuition reimbursement. And you can feel good knowing your work is directly supporting Colorado schools.

What attributes are we looking for?

This is a position that succeeds based on experience. At a minimum, you need:

  • Five years of general clerical or administrative service experience. Two or more years of demonstrated experience providing administrative and operational support to a professional Board.

  • Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite (Workspace) and Adobe.

  • Must possess and maintain a Colorado Driver’s License for travel to board meetings.

  • Must be willing and able to exert yourself physically, occasionally. Heavy coolers full of ice and drinks. Cases of paper. That sort of thing.

Substitutions: Experience supporting other types of governing bodies is a good substitute for professional Board exposure. Education can substitute for some of the years of experience needed, if it demonstrates mastery of publication production or project management.

Preferred qualifications: We’ll feel extra lucky if we can find someone with substantial office management experience who also has direct experience supporting a Board. And you’ll have excellent written, oral, interpersonal and team-related skills. In other words, someone amazing!

To be successful as a member of this agency, you’ll have these professional traits and skills:

  • Good written and oral communication with the ability to convey information to others effectively and efficiently

  • Independent yet also a team player, proactively helps others

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Customer-service mindset, respectful, helpful

  • Proactive, takes initiative, self motivated

  • Possesses good problem solving skills, seeks to understand alternatives, employs logic and good judgment

  • Self confident and self aware

  • Great work ethic: results oriented, disciplined, conscientious, thorough and diligent

  • Honest, trustworthy, dependable

  • Enthusiastic, energetic, optimistic, positive attitude

  • Organized and professional

  • Adaptable and open to change

We hope this sounds like you. Tell us why. Apply online through the state portal.

PS: We compete in the private-sector markets every day and operate largely independently from state government. But not from HR. So please follow the lengthy prompts to apply for this position through the state hiring portal. Only candidates who apply through the state portal will be considered. Think of it as an endurance test. We hope to see you at the finish line.