COSA Interpretation/Education Workshop – Register by April 6

There’s less than two weeks left to register for this affordable ($20-$45), convenient (virtual), and valuable interpretation/educational professional development opportunity! Are you behind on your continuing education hours to maintain CIG? Rack them up quickly over two weekday afternoons in April and network with amazing presenters, participants, and featured keynote speakers, Perry Charley and Jacquie Gilson.

Day 1 theme is Native Science and Culturally Sensitive Interpretation
Opening Keynote Dr. Perry Charley: Emeritus Professor of Diné College and retired Executive Director & Senior Scientist of Diné Environmental Institute Research & Outreach

Day 2 theme is Emerging Techniques and Inclusion in Interpretation.
Closing Keyonte Dr. Jacquie Gilson: Jacquie is a retired Interpretation Coordinator from Parks Canada and is author of Inspired to Inspire, a culmination of her research in studying the concept of inspiration in heritage interpretation.
Times listed are MST!

Link to register:

Workshop Description

The Four Corners Region is in a time of transformation, not only through navigating a new world in interpretation, but also in building a strong and sustainable regional foundation for the members of our Four Corners community. This spring workshop is one of many opportunities we have planned to start growing and connecting interpretive professionals in our region.

We invite you to join your Four Corners regional team and fellow interpreters to learn from professionals in our field, with special presentations from keynotes you will not want to miss! There will also be time to network with fellow educators, meet NAI Board Members, and hear updates from our Region Director. We may even have a new Region logo to share! We look forward to seeing new and familiar faces!

Mary McCormac
Statewide Interpretation & Wildlife Viewing Coordinator
Colorado Parks and Wildlife


P 303.291.7252 | C 303.229.8861
6060 Broadway, Denver, CO 80216
mary.mccormac |

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