COSA Hiring short-term field technician in Longmont

Greetings COSA –

The Boulder Valley and Longmont Conservation Districts are hiring a short-term field position to help our noxious weed crew.

The technician will be in the field working with our team to eradicate Mediterranean sage (List A noxious weed) on private properties in Boulder County. If you know someone, (or someone’s kid who needs a few extra bucks!) who might be interested, please email me directly.

Where: report to Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont
When: ASAP M-F June 13-July 1
Hours: 7:30am to 4pm
Hourly rate: $15.75


Vanessa McCracken | District Manager

Boulder Valley & Longmont Conservation Districts

M: 720-815-8842 | O: 720-378-5521

E: anessa.mccracken

9595 Nelson Rd. Box D | Longmont, CO 80501


"You can’t save the land without saving the people, to save either you have to save both." – Wendell Berry