COSA Colo Native Plant Soc Annual Meeting: Sept 17, Longmont Museum

The Colorado Native Plant Society’s annual meeting/symposium will be Sept 17 in Longmont with the theme:

From Peaks to Prairie: Exploring Diversity and Disturbance in Front Range Eco-Systems

Please register by September 8 for the lowest cost. Lunch (9/17) and field trips (on 9/18) are included. There will also be book sales and a silent auction. This is going to be an excellent conference!

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Speakers and presentations:

Christian Nunes: Disturbance, plants, and the butterflies that love them

Nancy Emery – Alpine plant responses to changing climate: Long-term trends and experimental insights from the Niwot Ridge LTER

Tom Veblen – The Challenge of Shifting from the Forest Restoration Narrative to an Evidence-Based Climate Adaptation Paradigm in Colorado

Isabel da Silva – Willow water use in highly browsed, nearly beaver-less riparian systems in Rocky Mountain National Park

Julie Larson (virtual presentation_ – Mechanisms of change: How disturbance and drought shape current (and future) plant communities in diverse Front Range grasslands

Sara Marshall – Wetland Biodiversity from the Peaks to the Plains

Megan Matonis – Shifting composition: Short-term impacts of the Calwood Fire on native and non-native plant species

Ava Hamilton- The Cycles of Life – Everything is Related

See the CONPS website (above) for the field trip selections on Sunday, 9/18.

I hope you will be able to attend!

Lynn R

Boulder chapter CONPS steering committee member