COSA Upcoming Education and Interpretation Internship Opportunity

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In a unique partnership between the Hispanic Access Foundation and Colorado Parks and Wildlife, a new internship opportunity is available for those interested in or new to the field of environmental education and interpretation starting January 27, 2023, ending by July 4, 2023.

This internship provides an opportunity to participate in and assist with interpretive and educational trainings, programs, and workshops, as well as wildlife viewing festivals and other projects across the state. In addition, projects that will allow an intern to fine tune skills that support next steps within a variety of career paths in our agency, including helping as we embark on a large-scale, agency-wide interpretive sign project, supporting resource development for schools that align with Colorado Academic Standards (including resource development for field trip experiences and classroom based activities), in-class and virtual presentations, building programs in Agents of Discovery for use in our State Parks), and a variety of graphic design projects that support additional communication channels with the public. Some of this work will include site visits to better understand the educational messages and needs of individual places/programs. This position could also assist in creating short, interpretive videos and other educational content for social media, as well as updating, contributing to, and improving the Colorado Birding Trail website, along with contributing content on CPW’s educational Instagram account.

For more information, please reference the internship announcement.


Mary McCormac
Statewide Interpretation & Wildlife Viewing Coordinator
Colorado Parks and Wildlife


P 303.291.7252 | C 303.229.8861
6060 Broadway, Denver, CO 80216
mary.mccormac |

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