COSA Fellowship Opportunity with the National Forest Foundation (accidenta lly sent the last email too early)

Sorry for the double email. Here is the correct one with all of the information:
The National Forest Foundation is now taking applications for the 2023 cohort of Fellows.

About the Fellowship:

The NFF will strive to meet each fellow’s learning objectives while also effectively extending the capacity of NFF and its partners to deliver community engagement and conservation results for National Forests and Grasslands. NFF gives fellows the chance to gain direct experience in the variety of NFF and partner functions.

We are looking for students with interest and academic experience in collaborative process and natural resource conflict resolution and on-the-ground science applications. We will also consider applicants with an interest in nonprofit administration, law, grants administration, communications, or marketing. Please note that this is not a research fellowship.

NFF administers the Fellowship Program, and NFF or partner organizations provide the practicum experience, which is a major component of the program. Between trainings, orientation, and the practicum, each fellow can expect to work 360 hours. Exact dates of practicum work will vary by project.

Click the link below to learn more and apply: