COSA Public Involvement Planning Specialist, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Policy and Planning section supports development of parks, wildlife and outdoor recreation policies and plans. We are seeking a full time Public Involvement Planning Specialist to work with us planning, developing, coordinating and implementing public engagement strategies. This is a hybrid position, with 2 days per week on average at our 6060 Broadway office in Denver and the remainder remote.

Specific work includes planning and facilitating meetings, workshops, and focus groups involving stakeholders and the public, using virtual collaborative technologies and in-person. This position also collects and analyses public comments through surveys and comment forms, summarizing the results in reports and presentations that can be easily understood by diverse audiences.

Applications are being accepted through December 21st. For more details and to apply, please visit this link.

Katie Lanter
Policy and Planning Supervisor

C 303.229.8078
6060 Broadway, Denver, CO 80216

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