COSA Jeffco Invasive Species Management job Announcement

Hello COSA –

Jeffco Invasive Species Management is hiring a fulltime ISM Specialist.

The Invasive Species Management Specialist is responsible for collecting and disseminating data and information, monitoring, and evaluating invasive species infestations; preparing natural resource management plans based on sound scientific and biological principles and completing various reports. Conduct inventories and implement weed and pest management involving operation of light and heavy equipment, hand tools, and data collection devices in the performance of invasive species control, forest management, ecological restoration, wildlife management, inventory and monitoring of natural resources, and related work. May include the application of pesticides. Provides public outreach and communicates with other work units, departments, and agencies. Functions as a lead worker in the field to Invasive Species Management Technician and volunteers.

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Alicia Doran

ISM Coordinator

Jeffco Pest Inspector