COSA Seasonal Wildlife Technician Positions with Boulder County Parks & Op en Space

Greetings COSA Community

Boulder County Parks & Open Space has 2 openings for seasonal wildlife technicians to assist our staff. There is an 8-month Terrestrial position that will focus on field work with terrestrial species and habitats such as assisting with songbird surveys and vegetation surveys, owl and raptor surveys and monitoring, and the accompanying data entry. There may be enough work to extend to 9 months.

There is a 6-month position that is less focused that will assist with the variety of tasks associated with managing wildlife, people, and habitat (fences, springs, escape ramps, surveys and monitoring, researchers and volunteers, data entry and copying…).

Please follow these links for more information and to apply:

8-month Seasonal Wildlife Technician – Terrestrial | Job Details tab | Career Pages (

6-month Seasonal Wildlife Technician | Job Details tab | Career Pages (

These are great opportunities to work, learn, and contribute to Boulder County’s open space and the natural world.

These close Monday the 27th of February.



Dave Hoerath

Certified Wildlife Biologist

Boulder County Parks & Open Space

5201 St Vrain Rd

Longmont CO 80503