COSA Potential COSA 2023 session on renewable energy in parks and open spa ces

COSA Community,

For the 2023 COSA Conference from Oct. 2-4, I and a few colleagues are developing a proposal for an organized session focused on renewable energy (wind, solar, hydro, transmission lines, etc.) in Colorado parks and open spaces. Our state is poised for a rapid expansion of renewable energy infrastructure, which is already leading to new opportunities, challenges, and innovations for the conservation community in the context of climate change, native biodiversity, public access, and other priority issues.

If this topic sounds especially compelling to you, please let me know as its helpful to gauge interest in advance. In addition, if you’d be interested in potentially being a panelist in such a session, please send me a short summary of your experience related to this topic at your earliest convenience. Our goal would be to have a diverse panel representing multiple sectors and perspectives.

Lastly, if you’ve never attended a COSA conference before, I encourage you to consider doing so in 2023.



Drew Rayburn, Ph.D. | Director of Conservation Science and Planning | The Nature Conservancy in Colorado | drew.rayburn | C: +1 530 723 3233