COSA recreation program assistant for CO state land board

Happy Wednesday, COSA folks!

We need your outstanding administrative skills coupled with your passion for the outdoors! The CO State Land Board is seeking a recreation program assistant. The posting is below or visit


Recreation Program Assistant — PART-TIME OR FULL-TIME, TEMPORARY

Applications accepted on a rolling basis through March 20, 2023, by 11:59 pm MST

Do you take pride in helping people enjoy the outdoors as much as you do? Is your attention to detail second to none? Are you a ‘behind-the-scenes’ person who gets stuff done?

We want you!

The Colorado State Land Board is looking for a Recreation Program Assistant to join our team. We have nearly one million acres of land that is publicly accessible in limited, seasonal, site-specific ways. We need your outstanding administrative skills coupled with your passion for the outdoors to help us ensure each property’s public access specifications are properly documented in our database management system.

What is the State Land Board?

The State Land Board is a constitutionally created agency (1876) that manages a $4 billion endowment of assets for the intergenerational benefit of Colorado’s K-12 schoolchildren and public institutions. At 147 years old, we take pride in being especially entrepreneurial and business-savvy. We compete in the private sector markets daily and generate more than $100 million in revenue annually. We generate revenue on behalf of beneficiaries by leasing nearly three million surface acres and four million subsurface acres for agriculture, grazing, commercial real estate, recreation rights-of-way, renewable energy, oil, gas, and solid minerals.

What trust land is publicly accessible and why?

The State Land Board owns 2.8 million acres of land in Colorado. (That’s four percent of our state’s 66.5 million acres.) This land — called trust land — is not open to the public. The public can access trust land only when the property is leased for public recreation.

Our largest access program is Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Public Access Program (PAP). Through this access agreement between Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) and the State Land Board, public hunters and anglers have access to nearly one million acres for these specific uses. CPW is responsible for ensuring that sportsmen comply with the rules and regulations of the lease, but there is plenty of administrative work on our end as the landowner.

By the numbers:

  • 2.8 million acres of trust land in Colorado earns revenue for public schools.

  • 98% of trust land is leased for agriculture.

  • 45% is leased for recreation (REC).

    • 980,000 acres of trust land enrolled in the Public Access Program, which provides seasonal and limited access to trust land to hunters and anglers.

    • 300,000 acres of trust land is leased for private recreation.

  • And only one (1) very busy Recreation Program Manager. (Cue our desire to hire a program assistant!)

The job opportunity

This can be a part-time or full-time gig (up to 40 hours per week) — you choose. We are offering $25/hr for up to 40 hrs/week. It is a term-limited position ending no later than fall 2023. Please view the state’s HR benefits page closely to understand what is and isn’t included as a temporary employee.

Under supervision from the Recreation Program Manager, you’ll help us document all of the trust land enrolled into the Public Access Program. You’ll also assist with private recreation lease contracts. You’ll spend the majority of your time at a desk working in our database, but you’ll occasionally have the opportunity to tour our beautiful properties across the state.

Specific duties include:

1) Be a data entry wiz and assist with the administration of our Public Access Program in our database system (75%). Use our asset management software (Netsuite platform) to:

  • Correctly identify and update asset information.

  • Create individual lease records for 400+ PAP properties.

  • Convert old Access Plans to our new and improved format.

  • Scan and upload PAP records to individual PAP lease records.

  • Maintain file storage and file naming consistency.

  • Scan and file historic PAP communication.

(Applicant tip #1: Describe your data entry skills in your cover letter.)

2) Assist with private recreation lease management (20%).

  • Maintain calendar/schedule of upcoming REC lease expiration dates, applications, and auctions.

  • Assist with the initial review of new REC applications.

  • Send out letters/correspondence related to REC auctions.

  • Get your boots dirty during site inspections and field data collections. Be prepared for overnight trips around the state with team members.

  • Research property records.

  • Accompany the recreation program manager at meetings with other land management agencies (USFS, BLM, CPW).

  • Enthusiastically help current customers and prospective customers with basic inquiries.

(Applicant tip #2: study up on public and private recreation leasing before applying to this job!)

3) Other duties as assigned (5%)

No job description is complete without the ubiquitous ‘other duties as assigned’ line, right? Even though this is a temporary position, you will be integrated into our agency’s day-to-day operations. You will have time to shadow or assist our team members and take part in team and all-staff meetings.

(Applicant tip #3: be familiar with the State Land Board’s mission.)

What can you expect from us in return for your hard work?

We are a lean team of 45 staff members that places significant emphasis on promoting and maintaining a positive work environment. We get our work done, and we have fun doing it. We take pride in knowing our work is stewarding Colorado’s land and helping fund public schools.

We have a hybrid work environment. You can work from any location most of the time, but sometimes your tasks will require an in-office presence at our downtown Denver building. You will be expected to have occasional meetings (virtual or in person) with team members during regular business hours (M-F, 8-5).

What attributes are we looking for?

Though this position is mostly a ‘desk’ job doing data entry, it is best suited for a person eager to learn about outdoor recreation management, long-term planning, and the outdoor industry. Applicants with an undergraduate or graduate degree in outdoor recreation, natural resources, tourism, marketing, regional planning, or a related field are encouraged to apply. (Pertinent professional experience can substitute a degree.) You’ll get bonus points for having data entry or database management experience, but it’s not required because we can train you on how to use our database.

At a minimum, you need the following:

  • Demonstrated 1-2 years experience in outdoor recreation or natural resources or a related field

  • Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft suite and Google suite products

  • Valid Colorado Driver’s License

  • Demonstrated basic understanding of the Public Access Program (aka read our website before applying!)

You get bonus points if you can demonstrate the following:

  • Familiarity with Colorado public lands

  • Proficiency in database management (super duper bonus points if you know Netsuite!)

To be successful as a member of this agency, you’ll have these professional traits and skills:

  • Good written and oral communication with the ability to convey information to others effectively and efficiently

  • Independent yet also a team player, proactively helps others

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Customer-service mindset, respectful, helpful

  • Proactive, takes initiative, self motivated

  • Possesses good problem solving skills, seeks to understand alternatives, employs logic and good judgment

  • Self confident and self aware

  • Great work ethic: results oriented, disciplined, conscientious, thorough, and diligent

  • Honest, trustworthy, dependable

  • Enthusiastic, energetic, optimistic, positive attitude

  • Organized and professional

  • Adaptable and open to change


We hope this sounds like you. To apply, email abraham.medina using the subject line RECREATION PROGRAM ASSISTANT APPLICATION. The email must include:

  1. Current resume/CV

  2. Cover letter explaining 1) why you are interested in this position and 2) your availability and preferred start date.

(Application tip #4: following these instructions shows us how detail-oriented you are.)

PS We appreciate your enthusiasm, but please do not inquire about the position by phone. We will provide updates to all applicants via email throughout the application process.