COSA Recent MA Environmental Planner Looking for Work

Hello COSA friends!

This is my first post, so I hope I am abiding by our guidelines. Please excuse me if I am not. My name is Zuri Garcia. In early May I graduated with my Master’s in City & Regional Planning from The University of North Carolina at Chapel (UNC). There I specialized in Environmental Planning. I currently live in Denver (Englewood) and am looking for a position in or near emergency management, mitigation, environmental and social justice. At UNC, I learned a tremendous amount about policy, emergency management, climate resiliency, equitable engagement, and natural disasters.

Work Experience Gained at UNC:
• Assessed climate and flood risk in North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and California communities and developed recommendations

• Curated and visually depicted adaptive design and policy alternatives to mitigate hazard and climate vulnerability in southern states
• Provided strategic recommendations to improve zoning, building codes, enforcement, and community engagement
• Balanced innovative design and engineering strategies with policy opportunities and constraints
• Designed graphics, presentations, and GIS maps to communicate risk, mitigation, and ecosystem-based solutions to high-level stakeholders

• Developed a Racial Equity Plan for Reidsville, North Carolina
• Graduate Thesis: Conducted an “Analysis of Extreme Flood Event Impacts on NC’s Poultry” by balancing process, insights, and technical expertise with local knowledge

The experience I gained provided me with valuable knowledge, technical skills, and perspectives that I am keen to leverage as we prepare and mitigate the complex challenges of climate change and natural disasters.

If you are aware of interesting opportunities, please reach out–I would love to talk! I have attached my resume to this email, please feel free to share.


Zuri García

M.A. in Environmental Planning

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill