COSA Seasonal Watercraft Inspector

Good Morning COSA Community,

The City of Aurora is recruiting for Seasonal Watercraft Inspector positions. Watercraft Inspectors help protect the City of Aurora’s drinking water supply and provide exceptional customer service through watercraft inspections and Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) education contacts with recreational boaters at Aurora Reservoir and Quincy Reservoir.

Seasonal Part-time positions (up to 29 hours) starts ASAP and end November 31, 2023.

Seasonal Full-time positions (up to 40 hours) start May 1, 2023 and end October 31, 2023.

Pay is $18/hr.

For more information and to apply: Seasonal Watercraft Inspector

Have a great weekend,

Chelsea Wilson

Park Ranger Supervisor

Open Space and Natural Resources | City of Aurora

office 303.326.8442 | Aurora ranger line 303.326.8430

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