COSA BVLCD is Hiring a Conservation Forester

Good afternoon –

Good afternoon –

The Boulder Valley and Longmont Conservation Districts are hiring an Associate Conservation Forester to join our forestry team in Longmont.

The work is fun, challenging, and rewarding! We have many projects in the pipeline and would like to fill this position ASAP. So, don’t delay. Submission deadline is Sept. 6.

A demonstrated and well-communicated passion for natural resources AND people can outweigh professional experience. So, if you are willing to learn, love people, and have a strong work-ethic, please apply.

Please pass along the attached job description to anyone who might be interested, near or far.

Vanessa McCracken
District Manager
Boulder Valley and Longmont Conservation Districts
9595 Nelson Road, Suite D
Longmont, CO 80501
720.378.5521 (o)
720.815.8842 (m)

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"You can’t save the land without saving the people, to save either you have to save both." – Wendell Berry

BVLCD Associate Conservation Forester 2023.pdf