COSA eBike Policy Hurdles

Hello COSA Community,

Colorado Springs is inching closer to building policy surrounding eBike allowances or prohibitions. Would like to hear specifically from organizations who have navigated tricky waters. Colorado Springs has two interesting challenges.

  1. A voter approved Trails and Open Space Tax that, by ordinance, prohibited motorized use in certain sections of the ordinance.
  2. On top of some properties is a Conservation Easement. As we are familiar with this type of protection, conservation values are paramount. If you have conservation easements, how have you responded to easement holders? Are there examples of conservation easement holders adopting eBike/eTech into passive use categories in easement agreements?

Any feedback from groups who have had similar challenges or experiences would be appreciated.

Scott Abbott

Regional Parks, Trails and Open Space Manager

City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services Department

(719) 385-6542