COSA Opportunity with the Colorado State Forest Service – Forestry Technic ian Open Pool Refreshed!


I am excited to announce that we have refreshed our Forestry Technician Open Pool at the Colorado State Forest Service!

I am attaching our job announcement detailing the position to share!

Our Forestry Technician positions offer the chance to work in diverse and rewarding environments, making a meaningful impact on forestry management and conservation efforts.

To learn more about the positions and apply, please visit our employment page.

Thank you!


Lindsay Wade

Colorado State Forest Service

Human Resource Talent Coordinator

3843 Laporte Ave

Fort Collins, CO 80521

(469) 585-9846



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The mission of the Colorado State Forest Service is to
achieve stewardship of Colorado’s diverse forest environments

for the benefit of present and future generations.

Job Annoucement – Forestry Technician Open Pool.pdf