COSA Prairie Dog Conflict Resolution Internship

Intern, Prairie Dog Conflict Resolution

Colorado, USA Req #1068

Thursday, May 2, 2024

$18.55 per hour, working 15-22 hours a week.
The internship will be from approximately 7/6/2024- 5/1/2025

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the nation’s most effective animal advocacy organization, is seeking a Prairie Dog Conflict Resolution, Team Field Outreach Intern for the Wildlife Protection department. As an intern, you will learn hands-on techniques and skills needed to successfully contribute to prairie dog coexistence in the field and management plans. This internship includes assistance with outreach, development and implementation of Coexistence strategies in the field, non-lethal prairie dog management planning and implementation for key prairie dog colonies throughout their range. Strategies to Reduce Conflict with the Prairie Dog Ecosystem and the examination and application of social factors interfering with and contributing to non-lethal prairie dog management are also examined. This internship is a critical component of the Prairie Dog Conflict Resolution Team’s work sharing and protecting the prairie ecosystem within our community and throughout the Central Grasslands landscape.

Learning Opportunities:

• Be a part of, and learn about, the day-to-day process-start to finish-of wild to wild prairie dog translocation trapping and releasing a colony of imperiled prairie dogs to a protected colony during a 2-4 month field season. Strategies implemented include: Learn the techniques and processes for: behavior observations, active trapping trap setting, monitoring, small mammal handling, data collection, release site preparation, artificial burrow installation (as needed), dye-marking, and placement at release site (note that passive relocation may be used in place of or in addition to active relocation).
• Collaborate and network with government and non-government agencies and organizations employing wildlife coexistence and landscape planning for the prairie dog ecosystem; share these findings in the development of a Case Studies Guidebook with the Program Director

• Participate in a collaborative project mapping, modeling and implementing conservation activities on key habitat for prairie dogs called Homes on the Range

Discover, research, experience and implement coexistence strategies and habitat maintenance for the prairie dog ecosystem.
• Learn about and participate in developing basic prairie dog policy and protections, and operating dynamics for wildlife protection programs in the West.
• Learn and share how conservation social science applies to wildlife conservation.
• Assess and share support for and research related to prairie dog management, coexistence and non-lethal wildlife management
• Assist with non-lethal trainings for individuals & agencies and associated outreach.
• Gain knowledge about non-profit management and gain experience in key management areas such as administration, team building, event planning, outreach, and advocacy.
• Study, design and develop Coexistence Clinics for prairie dogs, led by our organization and offered to local, state and federal wildlife managers throughout the state as needed.

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Lindsey Sterling Krank

Program Director, Prairie Dog Conflict Resolution

Humane Society of the United States- Wildlife

Cell or text. 720-938-7855