COSA Staffing Levels

Good morning COSA community. The Town of Windsor Open Space and Trails Division is looking at our Level of Service Standards and Staffing Levels and would like to get a better understanding of how we compare to other entities in Colorado. We would sincerely appreciate any information District, County or Municipal Organizations would be willing to share regarding staffing levels for managing and maintaining Open Space/ Natural Area. Below is the general information we are looking for.

FTE per total Acres Managed:

Total Acres Managed:

Miles of Paved Trails Managed:

Miles of Soft Surface Trails Managed:

Publicly Accessible Water Bodies Managed: # and acres of each

Parking Lots/ Trail Head facilities:

Thanks in advance for your time.

Wade Willis

Open Space and Trails Manager

Town of Windsor, Colorado
Parks, Recreation & Culture | Open Space & Trails

922 15th St., Windsor, CO 80550

Office: 970-674-2434

Cell: 970-388-6481