COSA Colorado Native Plant Master Classes

The Colorado Native Plant Master program has been getting reorganized with a statewide website, different from previous ColoState or Jeffco links.

We discovered the links to Jeffco classes were in error for the past few months (Forbidden message), this has been corrected. Classes at South Platte Park are listed in Arapahoe County, through registration is through our partners in Jeffco.

Our riparian and wetland plants of the prairie classes are not full, for the first time since 2015 – we’re guessing due to the registration challenges. You have to peel through a few layers of the onion to find them now: on the link below, click on the tab showing CSU Extension, then you’ll find Native Plant Master Program 3 day and Single day courses. The three day version of our class starting in July has a half-dozen openings, and the one-day version in August is wide open! Hopefully this can be streamlined into fewer clicks in the future!



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