COSA Cost of Open Space Maintenance


I know this tends to get asked periodically but haven’t seen an updated request in a little bit. Also, I realize this is a nebulous question, but Longmont would like to know how much your Open Space programs spend on operations & maintenance every year. Please feel free to provide any numbers that you may have such as:

Cost per acre for all Open Space, or just for natural lands, or for Ag lands or however you break it down

Annual operating budget and how many acres are managed

Cost for specific types of management such as weed control, restoration, wildlife management, etc.

# FTEs per acre or some other measure

Really any data no matter if it’s in the front row of the ballpark or out in the parking lot is appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

Jim Krick, CERP

Ecosystem Manager | he, him, his

Parks & Natural Resources | City of Longmont


7 S. Sunset Street | Longmont, Colorado 80501